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A happy young girl sitting on a flea-bitten grey horse displays her blue first place show ribbon

Horse Shows

Academy Showing Information for Parents and Riders

Academy showing is a division of show ring competition that offers a variety of riders the chance to showcase their skills. Whether your child is new to the show ring or has experience, Academy showing is an exciting and challenging opportunity to put their skills to the test.

We participate in all levels of Academy showing, from casual Tournament Shows that are held at Fire Riding Academy, to many local shows, all the way to the National Academy Championship Horse Show.

The commitment level in Academy showing can go from low (showing just once or twice per year) to high (showing several times per year, culminating in the National Academy show). There are many local Academy shows that do not require significant travel time.

Academy shows are held in a very safe, fun environment, and there are classes offered for all age levels, from tiny tots on the lead line, all the way up to adults, and everything in between! These shows are a great introduction to the show ring, and the great thing is a rider can continue showing in Academy if they are not able to own their horse. Participating in Academy shows is a great way to practice and showcase the skills that a rider practices in their lessons. Some riders thrive on working towards the challenge of an upcoming show.

While participating in Academy shows is by no means a requirement to be at Fire Riding Academy, we do encourage anyone who is interested to talk with Nicole or Kenda and give it a try! 

Interested in Academy Showing? Contact us today to learn more.

A smiling female rider sitting on horseback happily displays her blue first place and red second place show ribbons
A young female rider proudly displays two blue first place show ribbons while sitting in the saddle on her white show horse
A young female show participant rides by on horseback with her light blue show ribbon on display
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